Activities for Children and fathers

Lets Think Positive about Fatherhood and Childhood

This is the most positive page on this website and should be a refresher from the doom and gloom of our world that is so cruel to fathers and their children.

Fathers and parents love to spend time with their children, not just "quality time" but "time".  Doing the simple things is often the best and the most memorable for both children and their fathers. "Quality time" is not just the expensive outings and events that make us happy but sitting, relaxing and talking. Possibly looking at photos and remembering past events together, or playing a game and laughing. Time together is to learn about each other and for fathers to do what children need most, to give them guidance and direction for their future and adult life.


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Here is a list of some simple things that a Father can initiate with his child or children

To make your kids feel special try these fun activities that promote giggles, imagination and, most importantly, father-child bonding:

  1. Give piggy-back, 'horsey' rides or airplane rides.

  2. Play board games, hopscotch, tag or create your own game.

  3. Play hide-and-seek.

  4. Run in the sprinklers.

  5. If you have a fire pit, roast wieners, marshmallows or make s'mores.

  6. Take household items like boxes, scrap paper, the tubes from paper towel rolls, or other items to build imaginary animals or other characters.

  7. Build a fort to let your kids' imaginations run wild, play house, or workshop.

  8. Make dinner together, either for real or pretend. Play tea-time.

  9. Set up an obstacle course to try to get through to the other side. Use your imagination and spark the imagination of your children.

  10. Make cookies, or other snacks.

  11. Have three-legged race or another kind of race to make the kids laugh.

  12. Have a contest such as blowing bubbles. 

  13. Dress up in costumes. You can use old clothing or household items.

  14. Sing and dance.

  15. Go cycling, hiking, skating.

  16. Take them camping.

  17. Attend free community events for children.

  18. Wash the family pet together.

  19. Grow a small, special garden for the children to be responsible for.

  20. If you are traveling together, take turns counting different things such as the license plates from Indiana or Alberta and discuss what you know about these places or things.

Remember that dad's are not clowns or comedians but some special time to have fun is important. Don't just turn on a movie or set the kids up on video games or electronic devices but use your imagination from when you were a child. 

Both dads and moms, fathers and mothers, are important to a child's development, their view of life and the world, and their development into responsible adults for our future society. You are their best example. Spending time with them doing fun activities is a way to not only bond, but to build up a relationship of trust with your child. Activities don't have to be elaborate or expensive your kids just need you. Sometimes a little planning is good but should be unnecessary because they need your presence, your listening ear, your guidance and your love.