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What's Behind a Narcissistic Rant?




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Liliana Hendel, Psychologist and TV Columnist, states that men must be considered "guilty until proven innocent."


Ironically, Erin Pizzey, the founder of the first shelter for victims of domestic violence speaks against the current system that treats the defendant as guilty. She goes on to say that of the first 100 of the women that she took in to her shelter 62 could be described as violent as the partners that they had left.



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A shocking history of governmental control, abuse of power and manipulation imposed upon citizens.


The Canadian Province of Ontario is the only province in the country that does not have accountability for its CAS (Children's Aid Societies)


The Ontario Ombudsman is the province's agency to investigate cases, complaints, of potential corruption or wrong-doing by other government agencies or its workers. The CAS is exempt from scrutiny by the Ontario Ombudsman. For more information on the "abuses" of the CAS, the corruption and abuse of power by the CAS please visit the following websites:


Senator Nancy Schaefer talks about CPS in USA


  • Governments attempt to remove not only fathers from the lives of children but parents too. Not only do fathers have to fight to be fathers but parents also must fight against governments and this is no better explained than by http://www.parentalrights.org, an amazing site dedicated to the empowerment of parents to protect children. Unlike government sponsored agencies such as CPS (Child Protective Services) or CAS (Children's Aid Societies) Parental Rights promotes a rejuvenation of the family with the intent to "protect children by empowering parents".



The Good of the Child (The best interest of Children, taken from Marriage-Unique for a Reason )

Archbishop Cordileone, Chairman for the Subcommittee on the Promotion and Defense of Marriage, was recently interviewed on "EWTN News Nightly." When asked to expound upon his emphasis of building up a healthy marriage culture, Archbishop Cordileone explained,

"Society should do what is necessary to favor the situation of the child having the best possible advantage of being connected to their mother and their father growing up. So we just need to teach people how to look at the issue from the standpoint of what is really best for the child, because it's not about the adults ... the government isn't interested in people's love lives ... the reason marriage has the unique status it does in the law is because there's a public interest. The public interest is the children that come from the union of men and women."

Here unfolded, is a discussion of "building up a healthy marriage culture" in a society where marriage is seen as an '"adult centered culture" without respect for children.


Father's Rights logoFather's Rights


Back when mothers were almost always granted custody, fathers were treated as occasional parents who would not be expected to play a significant role in their children's lives. However, as more and more mothers enter the workforce full time and as more and more fathers wish to have meaningful relationships with their children, the tide has turned. Before most states adopted the preference of joint custody in the 1980s, mothers often had complete control over their children's lives. Parental Alienation Syndrome was noted in the 1980s, and in 1992, Columbia Professor Of Child Psychiatry, Dr. Richard Gardner published the book The Parental Alienation Syndrome. Symptoms of PAS were recognized in families who were going through a divorce. Often the children hated one parent and even made allegations of abuse that were suspicious or outright false. The children's feelings were in response to one parent (often the mother) denigrating the other parent (often the father) and negatively influencing the children's feelings. In this way, children were often turned against their fathers.

Our group is dedicated to Father's Rights and Father's Concerns and strives to find appropriate and lawful means for Fathers' to be closer with and a full parent of their children's lives.


One in Three (1 in 3) Children Live Without Their Dad

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 24 million children in America - one out of three children (33%) - now live in a home in which the biological father is absent.

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Forty percent of births today are to unmarried mothers,

According the the U.S. Census Bureau, forty percent (40%) of births today are to unmarried mothers, and these children may grow up in single parent families.

Now, we will analyze these statistics.

  • Women, generally speaking, have children outside of a committed marriage, 40 percent of the time

  • Of these instances of birth, 33% of the time the mother will have no 'commitment' to the father such that they live in a home without the father

  • This leaves a difference of 7%. Seven percent of the time the mother will have some sort of 'commitment' to the father and they live together.

Now, we ask the question, 'what spurs these women to get pregnant without any marriage commitment of a husband who is going to help her, support her, and raise their children together?

How does guaranteed financial assistance from public-funded welfare systems play a role in this?

How does guaranteed financial assistance from exclusively father-funded support payment systems play a role in this? (Of course, the words "exclusively father-funded" should not be used here because sometimes the courts don't want to look bad so they make the mother pay.)




Six Obstacles to Father Involvement - and How to Overcome Them

By Jeffrey Cookston | June 12, 2012 | 2 Comments

A psychologist offers six tips to help dads be the fathers they want to be.

Problem #1: Lack of realistic role models and expectations

Problem #2: Lack of paid leave and flextime

Problem #3: Economics change how fathers see themselves

Problem #4: Lack of community and support

Problem #5: Lack of custody after divorce

Problem #6: The armor and habits of manhood

Making smart, small choices

The father of modern psychology, William James, put it best: "If you want a quality, act as if you already had it." 

Likewise, fathers can get involved by getting their hands dirty. Even if the commute is long or they're facing financial stress, small choices every day can result in long-term gains. At the end of the day a father can throw the ball with the kids. Take a walk. Put down the smartphone and really listen when a child talks. Just 5 minutes a day equals hours over the course of a year.

Here's a simple solution to most of these obstacles: Remember that almost everything about family life can be improved. If fathers deeply desire more time with their children, they'll make the time. Fathers and mothers have the chance to be different in their parenting each time they interact with a child. In the end, fathering is what a man is doing right now. Not last week. Not next year. Right now. Go father.

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