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ADAF is a group AGAINST DISCRIMINATION of FATHERS and is dedicated to protest for awareness and resolution.

DISCRIMINATION of FATHERS occurs in many forms and is perpetrated by many.

The scope of ADAF is global and is dedicated to protest AGAINST DISCRIMINATION of FATHERS in all countries.

DISCRIMINATION of FATHERS occurs throughout our world to a degree where there are no avenues available to victims for abatement.

ADAF is dedicated to protest against this lack of avenues.

DISCRIMINATION of FATHERS is not new but has grown exponentially in recent decades.

The mandate of ADAF is to abate this exponential growth and create avenues for victims to seek justice.

It is hoped that the DISCRIMINATION AGAINST FATHERS will end when victims come forward and demand justice.

ADAF is a group for victims who are dedicated to demand justice.

ADAF fathers are men who care about their children and who care enough for the importance of their role as a father that they will demand justice in an unjust world.


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This is a list of people in power positions who have discriminated against one or more fathers. If you too are a victim of discrimination by one of these people please contact ADAF. The more people who voice themselves as victims and tell their story the sooner these perpetrators will be brought to justice. If you are a victim of discrimination contact us with your story. The name of your perpetrator can be added to the Black List.




New Brunswick


John Thompson

Owner, Cardinal Counselling and Mediation


In Ontario, Canada, the Office of the Children's Lawyer, often referred to as OCL or CL or Children's Lawyer, is the part of the attorney general's office responsible to assess the "interests of children" whose parents are involved in family law proceedings.

The OCL consists of third party agents who fleetingly assess what they believe to be the best interest of the children and write reports for the courts that court judges in turn use as "evidence" to decide "custody and access" arrangements.

The "best interest" for these assessors is to justify their job by portraying an image to the court that one of the parents is not as good a parent as the other and thus the "best interest of the child" or the "best interest for the children" is to award "custody" to one parent and "access" to the other. Such disparity is discrimination and is almost always perpetrated against fathers. Thus, the Ontario government is guilty of discrimination through its use of these biased OCL agents.


You are a victim to some degree if you are a father. We live in a society where fathers are discriminated not only by disgruntled spouses or government agencies but by the media, in movies and television sitcoms. However, more serious discrimination takes place in the family and through incompetent government agencies and institutions. 

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Parental Alienation is a highly misunderstood phenomenon. Moreover,  most social workers and people in power positions choose not to believe in it when it is targeted against a father. By definition, Parental Alienation is any unwanted weakening of the parent-child bond. Parental Alienation against a father is any weakening of the relationship between a father and his child or children. Disgruntled women, government agencies and institutions very often are perpetrators of this form of discrimination either by intent or negligence. It is most unfortunate that this is the most misunderstood form of discrimination against fathers and it is the most abusive to both children and their father. Interestingly, what our society sees as the "best interest for children", namely, "custody and access", parental alienation is the result.


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