Many fathers who have experienced discrimination and have been alienated from their children feel that they must spend as much time as possible with their children to counteract that alienation and bring back the relationships that shouldn't have been compromised in the first place. They are forced to balance their time and energy between children and employment. This can be a daunting experience when most employers set their own demands on time and scheduling.

ADAF.CA ( is committed to help with the daunting experience of finding work and balancing family and work.

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ADAF is seeking Canadian-Based Alienation Experts / Family Counsellors to serve its followers who are victims of Parental Alienation through separation. The job duties will primarily involve helping fathers deal with alienation issues and concerns that they may have. All situations are different and a broad range of experience with different situations will be considered an asset. The duties may also involve helping children understand in age appropriate manners how they are victims and help them to behave differently and to respect their fathers. Applicants should have experience with alienated children and in their application flaunt the successes that they have had restoring the relationships between children and their fathers. Duties may also involve working with alienating mothers to help them understand the harm they are doing. This will demand a thorough knowledge of personality disorders, primarily BPD and NPD. Applicants should indicate their experience working with people having these disorders and flaunt any successes that they may have had in helping these people lead more decent lives.

Experiences with Family Law, Children's Aid Societies, and Children's Lawyers will also be considered. 

Applicants should demonstrate a passion for family and fatherhood. They should possess a solid knowledge of literary materials on parental alienation and alienation in general. Additionally, they should possess solid knowledge of motives for alienation tactics either through literature that they have read or through experience. 

LOCATION and TERMS: Duties will vary depending on location and local needs.

REMUNERATION: To be discussed.

Please apply by email.