Gene C. Coleman, Family Law Centre

Canada needs a rebuttable presumption of  equal shared parenting.  This principle should be the starting point for "best interests of the child" deliberations.

Equality advocates have been encouraging Family Law makers to incorporate, into Family Law, a Rebuttable Presumption that Equal Shared Parenting is in the best interest of children following separation or divorce.

Bill C-78, the current bill in parliament, introduced May 22, 2018, does not endorse a Rebuttable Presumption that Equal Shared Parenting is necessary. However, many Canadians, almost 80%, have viewed their favour for Equal Shared Parenting; family research studies have shown that Equal Shared Parenting provides better outcomes for children than in unequal parenting situations following separation or divorce. Our lawmakers are again making bills that do not follow the interests of Canadians and children. Why? The answer may be found by looking at the enormous size of the divorce industry and the momentum that it has. The industry itself does not want to change. A Presumption of Equal Parenting would change the industry by discouraging lengthy court battles and years of conflict that stem from greed and unwarranted senses of entitlement; Bar Associations and other vested interest groups are the primary opponents of equality in parenting.

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We encourage everyone to write to their Member of Parliament to endorse their concern that Equal Parenting is necessary and that a Rebuttable Presumption in Family Law be in favour of Equal Shared Parenting for the best interest of children and their families. 

Find your Member of Parliament and send a copy to Justice Minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould; and to Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, Jean-Yves Duclos.

Sample Letter to MP (.PDF)

Sample Letter to MP (.docx)




The Establishment Creates Fatherless Kids

by Terry Brennan Co-Founder, Leading Women for Shared Parenting

An excellent article that summarizes how alienation between fathers and their children is a direct consequence of the discrimination by court systems. It explains how the effect of fatherlessness is one of the social ills of our time yet the court systems actively promote it as a matter of public policy. It goes on to explain how it's done to benefit a wealthy special interest group.

Family law is a $50 billion industry in the United States alone which removes one parent for every divorce; almost always fathers.

The article states that lawyers, judges, senators, psychologists, social workers and the general public know how the system fails but don't do anything to change it. For example, senator Wayne Wallingford has acknowledged that fatherlessness in general is not caused by abandonment but by an outdated court system.

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The Australian Financial Review

Turnbull government orders first ever review of the Family Law Act

The Turnbull government is expected to shortly commence the biggest review of the Family Law Act since it was introduced in 1976, amid pressure from Pauline Hanson to address the rights of fathers under the Act.

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The Advertiser

Father of boy, Jacob Clarke, killed by mother with mental health problems, says that the family law system discriminates against fathers

Mr Mick Clarke, the father, spent 1 1/2 years pleading with the Federal Circuit Court to protect his son Jacob, 7, but said his concerns about the mental health of the mother fell on deaf ears and the boy remained in the care of his mother, Tanyia Hewson, also known as Rose, 42.

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and Read more ... (unfortunately this is a paid subscription article that tends to cover up the truth about the family law system)

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On September 17th-20th, 2017 a coalition of leading advocates for parental equality, family court reform, and foster care and CPS reform are uniting together to march on the US Capitol in Washington, D.C. This will be a revolutionary  four-day event of rallies, legislative lobbying, collaboration, and education. Read more ...

Some of the collaborating organizations include the following:

  •          Advocacy Activists Family Orientation Center                  

  •          #OpExposeCPS               

  •          AfterDark CATV PROductions, Inc                         

  •          Parentalink

  •          Americas #Taken Children                        

  •          Racing Against Child Exploitation (R.A.C.E.) / NCS Ministries     

  •          Americans for Equal Shared Parenting (AFESP)                               

  •          Restoring Families Internet Radio (RFIR           

  •          Family Civil Liberties Union (FCLU)                        

  •          Restoring Freedom       

  •          Family Court Reform USA                          

  •          Save Our Children         

  •          Family First Act                               

  •          The Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families           

  •          Grandma Warriors                        

  •          The Father's Rights Movement              

  •          Judicial Accountability Movement (JAM)                           

  •          Truth Exposed

  •          Mommy Interrupted Radio Show                          

  •          United States Brotherhood of Fathers (USBF)

  •          Mothers Against Family Abuse (MAFA LLC)                      

  •          Yah Filmworks

  •          Operation Real Dad Legal Defense Fund, Inc. (ORDLDF)                             




Fighting For Men's Parenting Rights

Americans for Shared Parenting, a new group for the support of social change and the passing of laws for equal parenting, was formed July 17, 2017 in Sunset Hills, St. Louis, Missouri. This means advocating for a "Rebuttable Presumption" as a starting point for equality when parents go to court over child custody. Among the special guests were local politicians and Suzanne Venker, a national authority on the declining presence of male role models in American families. Suzanne, author and commentarian, has stated that society is creating a crop of alpha females who are unable to love.

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The Jerusalem Post - Israel News

Israeli court issues landmark child support ruling for divorcee dads

It is a tiny step forward, but the discrimination against fathers continues in Israel. Judge rules, when a mother's income is equal to or greater than a father's income, the obligation of the mother to share in child support applies only to that part of the child support that exceeds essential needs, so that in general, the father's share will still be greater.

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merinews | India's largest citizen journalism based news platform

Father's Day: Journey from honouring to discrimination leading to Fathers' Rights movement

Father's Day is the Third Sunday of June and has been a day to honour fathers for their hard work and dedication to their families. However, over the years, commercialism has made it into a day of tokenism. Moreover, governmental interventions and the development of family laws that unjustly favour women have made Father's Day into a day to raise awareness of the discrimination of fathers, and a day to petition governments for equality and Fathers' Rights. Anti-discrimination campaigns and the Father's Rights movement support equally shared parenting with equal child custody for the best interest of the children and their families. Due to biases in family courts anti-discrimination campaigns and the fathers' rights movement are gaining force.

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Common Dreams Banner Logo

Fathers Denied Paid Parental Leave by JP Morgan Financial Services

Discrimination by JP Morgan bank for denying fathers the same amount of paid leave as mothers prompted Derek Rotondo to file a class action charge against the bank who refused to pay this father for the 16 weeks that they pay women for.

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Fathers afraid to ask for flexible work hours

Traditionally mothers have had the luxury of being offered jobs and working conditions that allow flexible work hours that facilitate parenting around the hours that children are in school. Today, employers expect fathers to devote their time to their jobs as is deemed necessary by the employer. Unlike mothers, little consideration is given for men who are fathers and wish to balance their work with their fatherhood responsibilities. 

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Shared parental pay: father wins sex discrimination case

When a father's wife decides to work, instead of looking after the newborn child, leaving the responsibility to the father, the father's employer does not match his shared parental pay with that of the female employees at Capita Customer Management Ltd. 

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The Edinburgh Reporter

International Parental Alienation Awareness Day 25 April 2017

Families Need Fathers Scotland is an organization based in Edinburgh. They are using the day to enlighten politicians, judges, lawyers and other professionals who work with families.

Ian Maxwell, National Manager of FNF Scotland, explains:

"As awareness grows of parental alienation and the damage that it does to all the parties concerned - even the alienating parent - we hope that ways of working with affected families to counteract and undo alienation can be developed and improved in Scotland. The family courts also need to develop an understanding of how best to handle such cases.

Families Need Fathers Scotland is marking Parental Alienation Awareness Day by launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to support innovative work to counter alienation. We also are seeking to raise the topic in the Scottish Parliament on the Awareness Day." Read more ...


Le Club de Mediapart

The French Minister of Families tries to delete "PAS" and "PA" before term expires in May 2017

Laurence Rossignol, Minister of Family, plans to proscribe (to denounce, outlaw, and forbid) the use of the ideological concepts called PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome) and PA (Parental Alienation). Read more ...


More balanced child custody proposed

Feb 19, 2017

The purpose of this letter is to request your readers to support Senate Bill 189, a bill to push a more balanced child custody law that would lead to more equal parenting time after divorce. Read more ...


The Telegraph

Divorces are skewed by judges' outdated chivalry, says female peer pushing for cap on payments

This is a great article outlining how judges are responsible for the outlandish payments that men make to women. It goes on to explain how this is in no way helping women be responsible. Read more ...




2017 International Conference on Shared Parenting

Mark your Calendar Now for a Unique Opportunity in 2017

First, attend the International Conference on Shared Parenting 2017 (ICSP 2017) on May 29 - 31, 2017 at the Westin Copley Place Hotel in Boston.

Then, attend the AFCC (Association of Family and Conciliation Courts) 2017 at the Sheraton Boston Hotel immediately after the close of ICSP 2017 on May 31, 2017, a five minute walk from the Westin.

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At ICSP 2017, a stellar international cast of speakers has already confirmed their participation, including many of the top parenting researchers in the world, with more on the way. The following is a list of the speakers with some information about them:

Malin Bergstrom (Sweden) Found that "Children in joint physical custody suffered from less psychosomatic problems than those living mostly or only with one parent but reported more symptoms than those in nuclear families." Read more ...
William Fabricius (USA)

"The reason that the practice of equal parenting time lags the consensus about its value, despite much evidence that fathers desire more parenting time (see Fabricius et al., 2010), appears to be that fathers do not bargain harder because of the guidance they receive from attorneys, and their own widespread belief, that the system has a maternal bias." Read more ... 

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Michael Lamb (UK) Professor of Psychology at Cambridge University. 

His work in family relationships has focused on the role of fathers and the importance of their relationships with children. This includes traditional and non-traditional families, single fathers, families in economic struggle, and those at risk regarding domestic violence. He has researched how custody arrangements affect paternal relationships with children and the need for shared parenting post-divorce.

Among 500 articles and 40 books Michael Lamb is the author of THE ROLE OF THE FATHER IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT available here.

Patrick Parkinson (Australia) Professor of law at the University of Sydney

In his book FAMILY LAW AND THE INDISSOLUBILITY OF PARENTHOOD (available here), Patrick Parkinson argues that, rather than just being about gender, the conflicts in family law derive from the breakdown of the model on which divorce reform was predicated in the late 1960s and early 1970s. 

In his book co-written with Judy Cashmore, THE VOICE OF A CHILD IN FAMILY LAW DISPUTES  (available here) investigates the difficulties and dangers in seeking to hear from children, because they may be subject to pressure from each parent to express views that support his or her case.

Sanford Braver (USA)

Sanford Braver's special emphasis is dealing with the issues facing divorced fathers as they struggle to maintain their parenting roles after divorce.

His work has been published in over 60 peer-reviewed professional articles and chapters, and in the acclaimed 1998 book Divorced dads: Shattering the myths (Tarcher/Penguin-Putnam) (available here). This book was a report of his ground-breaking work leading the largest federally-supported research project ever conducted on divorced fathers. As perhaps the leading expert in the country on the dynamics of fathering after divorce, he is in demand as a consultant to such entities as President Clinton's National Fatherhood Initiative, the National Commission for Child and Family Welfare, and the State of Arizona's Domestic Relations Reform Subcommittee, and as a speaker and presenter, having delivered over 100 presentations.

Edward Kruk (Canada) Edward Kruk is Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of British Columbia, specializing in child and family policy.

Edward's first book, DIVORCE AND DISENGAGEMENT (available here), was the first in-depth study of the experiences of divorced fathers and the phenomenon of father absence after divorce.

In an article on , CHILD CUSTODY, ACCESS AND PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: THE SEARCH FOR A JUST AND EQUITABLE STANDARD Kruk explains how the primary focus of this report is the determination of child custody when parents cannot agree on post-separation parenting arrangements, and negotiation efforts have failed in this regard. The primary recommendation of the report is the establishment of a legally rebuttable physical joint custody presumption for such cases, also known as the "shared parental responsibility" approach. Shared parental responsibility is defined as children spending at least 40 per cent of their time with each parent after separation and divorce. It will be argued that this is the most effective means to ensure that children maintain existing attachments with each of their parents.

(read article

Linda Nielsen (USA) Since 1991 Linda Nielsen has been teaching her "Fathers & Daughters" course - the only college course in the country that focuses exclusively on father-daughter relationships. Her current research focuses on father-daughter relationships and shared residential parenting in divorced families. In addition to having written numerous research articles for scholarly journals such as the Harvard Educational Review, Dr. Nielsen has written five books on adolescence and father-daughter relationships.

In her book, FATHER-DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIPS: CONTEMPORARY RESEARCH AND ISSUES (available here) Linda explains the importance of the father's role on daughters and the changing patterns of these roles. Factors that can weaken father-daughter relationships, such as divorce, including various theoretical perspectives, are explored.

Richard Warshak (USA) Richard Warshak is a clinical and research psychologist and author. He is internationally renowned for his expertise on divorce, child custody, and parental alienation. Warshak has written three books, THE CUSTODY REVOLUTION (available here), DIVORCE POISON: PROTECTING THE PARENT-CHILD BOND FROM A VINDICTIVE EX (available here), and the revised edition, DIVORCE POISON: HOW TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM BAD-MOUTHING AND BRAINWASHING (available here). He has also served as a White House consultant on family law reform.

With the endorsement of 110 of the world's top experts Warshak states:

"Just as we encourage shared parenting in two-parent homes, the evidence shows that shared parenting should be the norm for children of all ages, including sharing the overnight care for very young children."

To maximize children's chances of having long lasting relationships and secure attachments to each parent, Warshak's consensus report encourages both parents after their separation to maximize the time they spend with their children, including the sharing of overnight parenting time.

To receive updated program and registration information about ICSP 2017 as it develops, please provide your email address at:

Questions can be directed to:

The 2014 International Conference on Shared Parenting (ICSP 2014)


We must stop turning children against divorced fathers

Thousands of divorced fathers are eliminated from their children's lives because of the 'implacable hostility' of mothers with custody, writes Neil Lyndon 

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Précis of article: Neil Lyndon writes in The Telegraph how anti-discrimination fathers' groups see this article as a bittersweet account of how courts possess the ability to see things properly yet rarely do.



"Canadian Man Awarded Daughter's Full Guardianship," now he's a father's rights activist

July 30, 2016 by NCFM ( member Tim Patten

Jakob Letkemann faced the biggest challenge of his, or maybe anyone's life: the battle for custody of his three-year old daughter, Darian. He struggled through exhausting and heartrending court battles, during which time the 40-year old resident of Salt Spring Island, located off the west coast of British Columbia, found himself on an emotional roller-coaster ride, falsely accused of various abuses as he sought to prevail against a system biased against fathers.

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July 17, 2016 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

An excellent federal program in 3 Michigan counties that unconventionally attempts to build family instead of destroy it. In Kalamazoo, Muskegon and Macomb counties the program uses federal money that would have otherwise gone towards placing children in foster care.

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Dad under police investigation after defending his kids from a bully

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Cumbria police and North Walney Primary school did nothing.




Braiden in the hospital with a broken arm. (Facebook/Christopher Cooper)



This is blatant discrimination against fathers. Obviously the police and the schools don't care about children; they only care about their job security, their pay cheques and their pensions.


This father should be seen as a hero. The world needs to respect fathers. 

If more fathers took their fatherly role more seriously the world would be a better place. 




 A Fatherless America -The Movie

"A Fatherless America"  is a hard hitting exposé which reveals how an unfair system of family laws and imposed belief systems in America are removing the male influence from children's lives.  The film's creator, Tommy Sotomayor, has traveled throughout the USA exploring the justice system as well as providing compelling interviews with celebrity dads and regular dads alike who express consistent and overlapping issues when dealing with single fatherhood, and the iniquitous and biased demands of child support.  The child support system, which has completely marginalized men and encouraged the absence of fathers from the lives of their children, has created the problems that you see in America today such as violence, high rates of teenage pregnancy and other social ills.  The film examines stories of fathers, mothers and children as well as provides key insight from members in the legal field.

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Institutional discrimination against dads must end

A new poster campaign highlighting domestic violence is another example of how all men are stereotyped as the perpetrators of violence

Greenwich council domestic violence poster
'The words "domestic violence" have come to mean male-on-female violence' Photo: Twitter

A wave of outrage swept social media after a series of posters went up in London last week saying, "Domestic violence: dads - have the strength to change".

The posters, put up across the Royal Borough of Greenwich, show a boy crying as a woman tries to defend herself from a man angrily raising a hand to her. The message of fear is simple: dads are violent and a risk to women and children.

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If you thought "good" of OCL, think again! Read this:

(Office of the Children's Lawyer) The wicked witch of the East has been found: In Oshawa

The Office of the Children's Lawyer is a law office in the Ministry of the Attorney General that is suppose to provide justice on behalf of children under 18.  This office and those representing it, the clinical investigators, prepare reports for the court in a custody/access proceeding to assist lawyers who are representing the children in court, such as the Family Court in Oshawa.
Now this all sounds nice and very protective of the rights and best wishes of children. Read More...


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