Volunteer Opportunities

 Each one of us, a father, a victim of discrimination, is like a drop in a sea of discrimination where each drop is insignificant to those trillions of drops around it. The world is overwhelmed by the many forms of discrimination. Fathers, and the causes by which they are discriminated, have become insignificant and are ignored because no one hears their plight. Men, by their nature, are afraid to stand up for their rights to be fathers and to be respected as fathers. In today's world, just like the many drops of water in the sea, fathers are transparent, invisible. Yet everyone in the world has a father.

ADAF is committed to making the plight of fathers known to the world. ADAF is merely a vessel by which the drops of water can come together to make this commitment a reality. Without your help, the drop of water, we will not fill the vessel and make our voice heard in either the world or the ocean.

The following is a list of tasks by which you can make your voice heard:

  • Organize a local campaign to educate the public about discrimination of fathers. Let us know about your efforts and the campaign strategies; by sharing we will all benefit.

  • Write letters to politicians to express your concerns. Be nice and let them know the truth about how fathers are treated. Remember, and let them know also, that each one of us has a father. Let them know that nearly half of the voting public may be fathers. Let us know about your letters and the replies that you may get or not get. Don't expect a reply; don't be discouraged.

  • Talk with other men who you meet and share each others' stories. Tell them about ADAF and let us know about the stories. By sharing we will all benefit.

  • If you know of a person in a power position that has been unjust and hateful to a father or fathers, let us know and we can add their name to the Black List so that other men can identify with them and tell us their situation with that person.

  • Write your story on our Blog. The ADAF blog is a great place to share your story to help others identify the problems that fathers face in this discriminating world. The Blog postings are closely monitored to ensure that appropriate content is written appropriately before it is put on this website.

  • Volunteer to help us write posts (Articles) that may be useful to our cause. The ADAF Blog home page has a list of Articles that either have been written or will be written at a later date. You are the drop in the ocean that we need to help write these articles. Go ahead "John Boy"; you can be a writer.

  • Volunteer to help ADAF maintain and develop this site.

    • With a global perspective we need translation writing into many different languages.

    • We need a webmaster/web developer

    • Volunteer your skills and time to promote ADAF online. For example, if you are a SEO  expert let us know.

  • Volunteer to raise funds. Currently we are not in a position to request funding. Fundraising is necessary for all successful campaigns. ADAF is no different. If you have the skills and time to fundraise let us know.

  • Volunteer your skills and time to let everyone know how important fathers are to the next generation of children.